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Why Renting Is Better Than Buying?

Welcome to Power On Wheels, your dependable partner for the best generator rental services. With 15 years of expertise, we specialize in various providing durable generators for applications, assuring an uninterrupted power supply at crucial periods.

Bharath Gensets is a leading generator power rental company in Bangalore. We provide efficient and cost-effective quiet diesel generators for hire in Bangalore and the nearby areas. With over five years of valuable expertise in genset rental, we have proven to be a reliable power partner for all our clients' needs.


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Why hire a Generator?

While renting a house or a car is undoubtedly a common concept to you, you may not be as acquainted with services like renting furniture and consumer durables or even renting a generator. Since rental expenses are written off in the same year and are classified as revenue expenses, you should be aware of the popularity of renting among enterprises.

However, if you were the asset's owner, you would have to pay capital expenses that could be written down over time by existing legal requirements. Thus, depending on the situation, firms employ generator rental as a strategic tool.

Renting is a legal commercial activity that benefits the rental company owner and the individual or company using the generator-on-hire service. The money that could be utilized for other things does not have to be set aside to buy a generator. The proprietor of the rental company also handles all other related tasks, such as servicing, maintaining, and fixing malfunctions, to keep the generator in optimal operating order.

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Advantages of hiring

The benefits of using generator rental in Bangalore for individuals and businesses include no ownership costs; quick and easy access to rental generators; minimal maintenance requirements; almost no downtime; quick replacement; instantaneous scaling up or down as needed; flexibility in choosing configuration; and the option to convert rental into ownership after a predetermined amount of operation.

Bharat Genset is a trusted player in DG set rental in Bangalore. We deliver a wide range of services which include:

  • Locations where needed
  • Skilled workers
  • Maintenance workshop
  • Sufficient spares
  • Partnership with top generator manufacturers
  • Containerized systems that are ready to install
  • Innovative turnkey 24/7 service

Silent generators for rent in Bangalore

We have generators with capacities ranging from 40 KV to -1000 KV to meet our customers specific and diverse demands. Our generators are from reputable brands and well-maintained to provide uninterrupted power supply.

We have hired generators for IT/software firms, government agencies, hospitals, hotels/restaurants, events/occasions, film shoots, road shows, and other venues. Customer satisfaction is a primary priority for us in all of our daily operations. If you are looking for a DG set to rent in Bangalore, we are the best choice for you

Best Company offering Diesel Generator on Hire in Bangalore

We promise on-time delivery, consistent quality power, best-in-class performance, and complete support to our clients. Our service technicians are on-site to verify that the power supply runs smoothly throughout the cycle. They instantly identify and resolve any difficulties that arise during the power supply. We want to ensure that our customers receive the finest service possible. Several persons and organizations have benefited from our Bangalore genset rental service.

In a short period, we served thousands of customers in and around Bangalore City and other parts of Karnataka. We have established ourselves as the leading provider of mobile generators in Bangalore. The positive feedback from our clientele has motivated us to do better. Repeat orders from clientele indicate the quality of our service. Our objective is to grow our generator power services to other places while maintaining the quality of service.