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Our Diesel Generator Rental Services

Welcome to Power On Wheels, your dependable partner for top-tier generator rental services. With 15 years of expertise, we specialize in providing durable generators for a variety of applications, assuring an uninterrupted power supply at important periods.


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The Diesel Generator Rental Industry In India

The integration of diesel generators for rental across India was prompted by the country's growing need for prime and backup rental power sources for industrial and commercial uses. Due to offshore locations and unstable power supplies, diesel generator rentals have emerged as a significant energy source for a range of industries and uses in India, including manufacturing, schools, schools, hotels, and oil and refineries.

Apart from residential and commercial settings, power utilities also employ high-kVA diesel generator rental options as a primary or backup source to power the industrial sector, particularly the manufacturing sector.

The bulk of market revenues were recorded by rental generators rated between 20 and 100 kVA, which is the subset of the market below 100 kVA. The demand has been fueled by low ownership costs, simplicity of supply, and increased utilization across a wide range of applications. Due to the rising demand for generators for rent in Bangalore, the rental generator sector below the 100KVA rating genset segment is anticipated to continue dominating the market.

Is India poised to lead growth in diesel generator leasing and rentals?

Owing to its commitment to a greener environment, the India Diesel Genset Market is anticipated to grow rapidly in the coming years. India's first silent, low-maintenance gas generator without the need for fuel handling has been created by manufacturers.

Genset for hire in Bangalore from our Stable

Bharath Gensets is a leading generator power rental company in Bangalore. We provide efficient and cost-effective quiet diesel generators for hire in Bangalore and the nearby areas. With over 5 years of valuable expertise in genset rental, we have proven to be a reliable power partner for all of our client's needs.

With our commitment to continual development in quality, fast service, availability, and so on, we have established ourselves as a reliable source of genset rentals for different events, weddings, sports, industries, and conferences. To ensure that our clients receive the best service possible, we identify their power requirements ahead of time. We will be at your location on time with simply a phone call. Our service technicians are well-trained and qualified to handle any situation.

Our power generation equipment satisfies the highest environmental standards and is suitable for a variety of industries and weather situations.

We provide the best power generation rental solutions for

  • New Construction and Expansions
  • Planned power shutdowns.
  • Sudden power failures and downtime
  • Compensating for seasonal fluctuations in power consumption
  • Powering to numerous events.
  • Everything from small-scale to big power plants.

We have a strong health and safety policy.

Our Top Management are responsible for health and safety, which they take very seriously.

Quality assurance

Our organization prioritizes quality, and to reach this goal, we get our generators from reputable vendors. We have been able to rent generators to a wide range of clients more effectively since implementing quality control methods.

Why Us?

Because of our exceptional services, we have established ourselves as a reliable choice for our valued clientele. We provide affordable leasing services to meet the needs of our consumers.

Best Company for Generator Hiring in Bangalore

We promise on-time delivery, consistent quality power, best-in-class performance, and complete support to our clients. Our service technicians are on-site to verify that the power supply runs smoothly throughout the cycle. They instantly identify and resolve any difficulties that may arise during the power supply. We want to ensure that our customers receive the finest service possible. Retail customers and corporates have benefited from our Bangalore genset rental service.